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Melanotan I (10mg/vial) - INJECTION KIT INCLUDED

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Melanotan I is an analog of the peptide hormone alpha-melanocytestimulating hormone (α-MSH) that induces skin tanning. Like its predecessor, Melanotan I, MT

2 plays a role in stimulating melanogenesis and

thus provides a protective mechanism against UV

rays since under its actions melanocytes are able

to increase production and secretion of the

hormone melanin. Scientists have also noticed

that MT 2 had a positive effect on libido due

to its aphrodisiac properties. Additionally, MT

2 exhibits a mild positive fat-mobilizing effect.

Melanotan I is an FDA approved drug under the

brand name Scenesse. Scenesse is most

commonly used to treat patients that have an

intolerance to light.

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