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REDJUVENATE - Red Light Therapy

The NovoTHOR Light Therapy Bed targets the whole body, from your head to your toes. It’s the perfect treatment for repairing injuries, relaxing muscles and joints, reducing pain and inflammation, and increasing blood circulation.


The bed’s whole-body approach to healing is designed to respect the interconnectedness of your body as an intricate system, instead of a series of individual parts. By providing red and near-infrared light to every angle of the body, you not only treat specific areas that may be injured or strained, but also the other areas that are indirectly affected as well.


Because it promotes large scale muscle and tissue recovery in short session times, the NovoTHOR Light Therapy Bed is the go-to treatment for athletes or highly active people who are looking for ways to maximize recovery, lessen pain, and increase their effort, energy, and overall performance.


It is also ideal for individuals suffering from chronic pain or those who could simply benefit from a rejuvenating burst of energy to help them perform better throughout the day.


Sessions in the NovoTHOR Light Therapy Bed are completely private, with adequate room to change in and out of your clothes. Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes, depending on your individual needs and a customized treatment plan developed for you by our team of PBM experts.

For more information, visit REDJUVENATE!

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