Red light therapy has been getting a lot of attention lately. And rightfully so, with all it's clinical uses,  backed by hundreds of scientific studies and with no known side effects why wouldn't it?  So how does shinning light on someone have such a profound physiologic effect? Is this hype or science? Well allow me to enlighten (no pun intended) you.  Plants which are living things, would not live for long if it were not for the suns light shining down on them. Without light , be it sunlight or artificial, plants would die.Through the process known as photosynthesis, plants can harness the suns rays and absorb them through the green pigment, chlorophyl, and convert it into energy for to sustain life. Without light, plants  die.  But of course we are not plants. So how about some examples that are a little closer to home. OK here are a few. Premature babies can have elevated Bilirubin levels and can become jaundiced. If these bilirubin levels remain elevated, it can cause permanent brain damage. So how is this treated? you guessed it, with light. Bilirubin absorbs light rays and the levels are decreased when a baby is put under special blue spectrum light wave. Another example? How about Vitamin D? This is a fat soluble vitamin that allows our bodies to absorb Calcium which is necessary for a healthy skeletal system.  When exposed to the sun, your skin can manufacture its own vitamin D. Each of us have vitamin D receptor cells, that, through a chain of reactions starting with conversion of cholesterol in the skin, produce vitamin D3 when they’re exposed to ultraviolet B (UVB) from the sun. One more example that many of us can relate to, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  This usually starts in the late fall and early winter and goes away during the spring and summer. The main treatment for SAD is.... light therapy. We don't want to beat a dead horse, but this helps illustrate that light shinned  on our bodies, causes many well known effects. It's not snake oil. 


So how does red light therapy, also known as, Photobiomodulation (PBM) and Low-level laser therapy work? At the cellular level, visible red and near infrared light (NIR) energy are absorbed by mitochondria, which are the cellular engines that give all the different cells in the body the energy to perform their necessary functions. They produce ATP, which is like the gas that fuels a cars engine.  

The key to this entire process is a mitochondrial enzyme called Cytochrome C Oxidase,(CCO), a chromophore, which accepts light energy of specific wavelengths.  When cells are functioning below par, this results in  biochemical and cellular changes in animals and patients,  which include such benefits as increased healing of chronic wounds, improvements in sports injuries, pain reduction in arthritis and neuropathies, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, pain relief in Fibromyalgia, hair growth, increased energy just to name a few. In addition, the process leads to gene transcription and then to cellular repair and healing. The process also unclogs the chain that has been clogged by nitric oxide (NO). The nitric oxide is then released back into the system. Nitric oxide is a molecule that our body produces to help cells communicate with each other. 


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