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How telemedicine works is simple. Telemedicine is the use of technology that enables remote healthcare (telehealth). Basically it makes it possible for physicians to treat patients whenever needed and wherever the patient is, by using a computer or smartphone.


CONVENIENCE- Patients often lose hours of their day when they make the long commute to the doctor’s office. In some cases, leaving the house to access care just doesn’t seem worth it–like during inclement weather such as heavy rain or snow.

Telemedicine opportunities begin with convenience. With telemedicine, patients can be diagnosed from their homes and in some states have their prescriptions immediately sent to a local pharmacy. This method is not only a time saver, but also a way of getting medical attention whenever needed, and is extremely helpful for patients in rural areas.


MONEY SAVING - Physicians and patients both save money when using telemedicine. Patients don’t see the cost of leaving work that comes with traditional visits, and physicians don’t lose money on cancellations or no-shows. In some cases, the cost of a cash-only telemedicine service is less expensive than an urgent care clinic for patients. Physicians benefit from gaining telemedicine reimbursement they may not otherwise see during off-hours consultations.

TIME SAVING - Chronic illnesses require patients to spend a lot of time in a doctor’s office, but that isn’t always necessary. With many conditions, renewing a prescription is routine, and not worth a long commute. Or perhaps your patient has a simple cold or mild infection, and the physical exam can be completed via video. In such situations, patients can use telemedicine to find quick treatment, and physicians don’t lose patients to quick-care retail clinics.

LETS TALK Don't be shy. To arrange a telemedicine conference fill out your information below. We will email you back to arrange your Telemedicine conference within 24 hours. We will arrange for routine lab work, usually covered by most insurance companies. If there are no contraindications to medical therapy, we will have your meds delivered to your door. No going to the pharmacy, no embarrassing communications with nurses or receptionists. There are no strings attached, no hidden fees, and  no term commitment. If our treatments don't work for you, then don't refill your prescription. History tells us, that won't be the case. We look forward to meeting you, and adding you to our long list of satisfied friends and clients.

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