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GHK-Cu/Argireline/Leuphasyl 0.2/0.5/0.5% Cream 30ml (Cosmetic)

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Leuphasyl, pentapeptide-18, is a five amino acid

peptide that reduces the depth of wrinkles by
contraction of facial muscles. It is an enkephalin
modified for enhanced stability that modulates
acetylcholine activity in neuron cells and
catecholamine release. Leuphasyl targets the
wrinkle-formation mechanism of the expression
of wrinkles in a unique way, offering an
alternative to other cosmetic peptides like
argireline and SNAP-8.
It is important to note that leuphasyl and
argireline have a synergistic effect. For 28 days,
a cream containing 5% argireline solution and a
5% leuphasyl solution was applied twice daily to
the eyes of 43 volunteers. 24.62% wrinkle
reduction was observed in the participants using
the solution. Due to their complementary
mechanisms, both peptides show additive effects.
Leuphasyl indicates a proven efficacy for
improving firmness and skin tone, reducing fine
lines and wrinkles, and moisturizing the skin.


Content & Potency: 5%/5% cream (with Argireline) in 30ml TopiClick
Suggested dosage: 4 clicks apply to skin daily
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